Anti-EU ETS law takes a step closer to passing US Senate


S.1956, the law intended to prevent US based aircraft operators from complying with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme has been reported to the Senate by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Should the Senate vote in favor of the bill, only a Presidential veto would prevent it from becoming law. H.R.2594, the companion law in the House, passed by voice vote without opposition late last year.

One amendment was made to the text, requiring negotiation towards a global scheme, however this is unlikely to be a contentious issue as all parties believe this to be the best way forward.

It is unclear how this legislation is expected to work in practice, in fact the entire text is incredibly brief. It does, however, state that US aircraft operators are not to be put at a disadvantage, but with hefty fines for anyone who fails to comply, it does not state how this is to be achieved.