Belgium Prime Minister announced tax plans for 2013

On 21 November 2012, the tax measures of the budget 2013 were published

Some details of the plans, which apply from the tax year 2013 (assessment year 2014), are summarized below:

– From 2013, capital gains on the sale of shares, realized by large companies and holding structures, will be subject to a separate 0.4% tax (increased by a 3% crisis contribution). The tax is not deductible for corporate tax purposes.

– The withholding tax on dividends will become 25% in all cases. The withholding tax on interest will be increased from 21% to 25%. The withholding tax remains 15% for savings accounts which will in excess of €1,830 (to be indexed) and government bonds issued between 24 November 2011 and 2 December 2011.

– The withholding tax will, in principle, again be a final levy. The recently introduced system of obligatory reporting of dividends and interest in the tax return, communication of information to a central contact point and the additional austerity levy of 4% on passive income above €20,020 on which a withholding tax was levied of less than 25%, will be abolished.

– Dividends paid by real estate investment companies (Sicafi/Vastgoedbevaks) will become subject to a withholding tax of 15%.