Cyprus to name and shame tax dodgers

The Finance minister has been authorised to publish the names of people who owe large sums to the Inland Revenue department (IRD)

“The aim is not to publish the list of all those who owe,” government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou said. “The targets are not the small fish.”

Stefanou said the cabinet had decided yesterday to extend the finance minister’s powers in relation with the IRD’s confidentiality clauses.

The measure would need approval from parliament, which held its final session yesterday before the summer holidays.
But lawmakers have expressed readiness to return to examine any bills that concern the state’s finances in light of the island’s application for an EU bailout.

Finance Minister Vassos Shiarly said this measure could also be examined and approved by parliament along with the rest.
The spokesman said the total amount due, sans interest, was around €400 million.