Today AEA Secretary General Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus urged political leaders to tackle emissions trading (EU ETS) as an environmental priority, rather than a political issue.

“Over recent weeks, we have seen legal cases against ETS, bills to prohibit airlines from complying, vocal foreign indignation, retaliation and now a challenge through ICAO,” said Mr Schulte-Strathaus. “Political conflict does not cut emissions.”

The Council of UN aviation body ICAO has just endorsed the principles of a working paper which formally opposes Europe’s approach to ETS. The paper was submitted by a group of non-European countries, representing 26 of the Council’s 36 members.
Press Release: aea

“Europe is right to demand concrete action and deliverable environmental results, but its approach lacks essential international buy-in. Non-European countries are also right to call for a global approach, but they need to back up their words with concrete actions which genuinely deliver for the environment.”

All parties – including the European Union – agree that a global scheme is the end goal. They also agree that ICAO is exactly the right body to deliver this solution.

“The debate is about how long it will take to deliver a global approach. AEA urges political leaders to seize the negative energy around ETS and turn it into urgent, positive action towards a global solution.”