EU: Chinese, Indian airlines fail to comply with ETS

The European Union said Tuesday that there has been “systematic non-reporting” of emissions data by Chinese and Indian airlines, a violation of the carriers’ legal responsibilities under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

More than 1,200 airlines that fly to/from the EU submitted data by the March 31 deadline, though many of those airlines oppose aviation’s inclusion in the ETS (ATW Daily News, March 30). The EU said 10 airlines from China and India, none of which were named, failed to report the required data. It noted that the data would “not trigger obligations to surrender allowances this year.”

Indian civil aviation minister Ajit Singh took a strong stand against the EU’s efforts to enforce the ETS in comments to Reuters last week.”You cannot enforce laws outside your sovereign area,” he said. “Its implications are huge. Now you are talking about aviation, tomorrow you will talk about shipping.”

EU climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard told reporters in Brussels that the Chinese and Indian airlines have until mid-June to report the data before enforcement action is taken. Conceivably, the EU could eventually deny the airlines the right to operate to EU airports.