EU Co-operation with ICAO

The European Commission has been participating in most of the more prominent events of ICAO as an international observer. In order to achieve the objectives within the Single European Sky Initiative, this participation has been increased. Input to major events of ICAO is based more and more on a European wide coordination, with the States, EASA, SESARJU and Eurocontrol, supported by the European Commission. Closer relations have been established also with the ICAO Regional Office in Paris.
The co-operation with ICAO will also insure that the implementation of new rules in the European Union will be compatible and beneficial also for the neighbouring regions and will integrate in the worldwide aviation network. It is also in the interest of the European Single Sky if new developments in Europe can be addressed – when necessary – at the global level at ICAO. Since end 2005 the European Commission has a permanent representative at ICAO in Montreal. The European Commission is working on a Memorandum of Cooperation with ICAO.
The European Union has put forward proposals concerning the Single European Sky at events like the 11th Air Navigation Conference (2003) and the ICAO General Assemblies in 2007 and 2010. A special ICAO-Forum about SESAR and NextGen has been organized in 2008 together with ICAO and the USA.
source: EU commission