New Russian commission to regulate international route rights

Minister of Transport Igor Levitin has established a new commission to regulate international route rights after a dispute between Transaero Airline (UN) and Rosaviatsia, which was responsible for the international routes distribution.
According to a document published on the Ministry website, the commission will be formed from the representatives of Ministry of Transport, Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviatsia, Federal Antimonopoly Service, Ministry of Economic Development, among other government departments.

The new commission will adopt new rules for choosing the carriers based on a points system. For example, a carrier will receive the points if it eliminates safety defects. In addition, a carrier will have an advantage if it operates new Russian-built aircraft—such as the Sukhoi Superjet 100, Antonov An-148 or the Tupolev Tu-204.
Industry experts, who are hesitant to endorse the need for a new regulator, believe this move may increase bureaucracy. Several carriers have already criticized the criteria based on yet-to-be established rules.