The Airline’s View towards Airports : a discussion

Arthur Flieger, Attorney at law Flieger Law Office bvba with the cooperation of Stijn Brusseleers, Attorney at law Flieger Law office bvba

The February 2014 FLO newsletter explores the views of the airlines and IATA towards the airports, and should not be considered as our view but is merely a forum to open the discussion between those two stakeholders. The views of the airlines and airports do not necessarily and always concur, and the interesting issues lay somewhere between both point of views. Since it would lead us too far for a joint description in this newsletter, only the airline view has been considered. A further discussion between airport and airlines is therefore required in order to get things balanced.

One will see that liberalisation and deregulation in the airline sector has driven product innovation and cost efficiency which have resulted in increased choice and reduced fares. According to IATA too many airports around the world are shielded from these competitive pressures despite structural changes in the Airport sector. It is said that, despite airlines and consumers were tightening their belts, many major European airports continued to increase their charges. With the actual newsletter we will have a look into this view, which remains the one of the airlines.

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