Family Law

Defending your personal interests

Not only do you want your business matters to be handled properly. You also want everything in your personal life to be in order. Except that sometimes accomplishing this is not so obvious: in the case of a divorce or inheritance, for example. Because family events often have a profound impact on your life and touch you emotionally. In family matters, this emotional element is often diametrically opposed to the financial, even though both are inseparable.

In the case of a divorce, arrangements must be made with your partner concerning among others your matrimonial assets, parental contact or residency arrangements for your children, and possible alimony. In the case of a death, beneficiaries can contest gifts made as well as the entire estate or inheritance. In the case of doubt concerning paternity, you wish to locate the biological father of your child and have him recognise your son or daughter. And possibly force him to fulfil his obligations.

From birth to death: Flieger Law Office can assist you with all your family matters. With a listening ear and with expert advice, in order to obtain a good agreement. And if it turns out that the courts are the only solution, our experienced legal experts can defend your interests.

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