Mergers, Acquisitions, Distributors, Agencies

Contracts that help grow your business

You want to move forward. You want to grow. You can take over a company or merge, in Belgium or abroad. You can expand your distribution. Make use of agents. Set up joint ventures. Enter into all manner of potential partnerships. But are they really a good deal for you? Do the agreements remain within the law? Are you covered if something goes wrong?

It is important that you act without hurting yourself or the other party. Which is not always easy. It’s a balancing act, especially if you are going to work together internationally.

With Flieger Law Office as adviser, you are certain that your agreements are strong. Contracts that are legally binding in your country as well as that of your partner. And that make clear who is responsible for what. So you can concentrate on what you do best and grow your business.

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