International business collaboration

 Cross-border expertise

You are looking for new markets. You make the needed contacts. You conclude agreements for the sale of your goods or services. In this, you do not limit yourself to territorial boundaries, but this lands you in a maze of national and international rules, laws and standards. And we can help you through it.

With Flieger Law Office, you benefit from the expertise and support of a strong international network of law firms with offices in Paris, Bologna, Wiesbaden, Istanbul, São Paulo, Nashville, Atlanta and Tilburg. Which is your guarantee that a cross-border problem will be handled expertly.

Need advice on drafting a license agreement or a commercial contract with a foreign partner? Mediation in disputes about transportation, distribution or a takeover? Want to file a damage claim? Collect on a customer debt across the border? Explain your question or problem to us.

Offices in:

Paris (FR) – Bologna (IT) – Wiesbaden (DE)  – Istanbul (TR) – São Paulo (BR)  – Nashville, TN (US) – Atlanta, GA (US) – Tilburg (NL)