Aviation Law & Aircraft Finance Law

Flying high

As experts in aviation law and aircraft financing law, we follow the developments in the aviation sector closely. Particular interest is paid to the impact of constantly changing laws and regulations: what do they mean for you? What impact do they have on your business and your growth?

Flieger Law Office is one of the few law firms in Europe that has the expertise in house to advise independent aircraft operators and other companies in the aviation sector. Moreover, we also have extensive experience in registration, leasing and financing. Plus: broad knowledge of international taxation and cooperation. If necessary, we will be assisted by our experienced army and air force specialists.

Traffic and transport by air is subject to extensive and complex laws and regulations, which are cross-border by definition. We operate internationally, from the heart of Europe, with all the benefits that go with this. We put all of our knowledge and experience at your service, so you receive the best possible advice and your company can soar. Contact us.

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