Distribution agreement

Good that you thought of everything

Is your distribution agreement airtight? Is it really good for your company? Did you think of everything? Do you know the financial risks and consequences of the contract’s fine print? Whether you as supplier are concluding an agreement with a distributor, or vice versa: you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Call upon Flieger Law Office.

Are you as distributor being granted exclusivity? As a supplier, is it best to impose a territorial restriction in the contract … or not? As a dealer, are you held to minimum order numbers, and if so: within what time frame and for how much? And what are the consequences if this minimum is not purchased? What happens if a supplier cannot deliver? What if you decide to discontinue the partnership: what will it cost you?

We will carefully examine your distribution agreement, find the weaknesses, and make of it a strong contract. A contract that minimises the risks and gives you sufficient protection. If desired, we can meet with your partner and negotiate for you. Discuss the matter with us.