Liability & Civil Law

Certainty in times of uncertainty

We help you protect yourself and your company. We advise you in drawing up agreements, for purchasing or selling, property and agricultural leases, usufruct, insurance, loans and so on. And we will assist you should a dispute arise.

The banking crisis has taught us that there are no certainties. And that the concept ‘legal responsibility’ has taken on new forms. Prosecutors and governments increasingly seek to see the damage caused by a company or its employees as the result of negligence or even criminal intent. Under the pressure of public opinion, they wish to apply the penal code to all forms of white-collar crime. And increasingly it is up to the accused to prove their innocence.

In such a climate, it is wise to be perfectly prepared, and surround yourself with specialists in liability and civil law. So: contact us. We are ready to advise you. And to defend you if necessary.