Aviation Criminal Law & Just Culture

Take to the air without worries

A minor error or a moment of carelessness can often have major consequences. This certainly applies to the aviation sector. The proof: every day, thousands of incidents and accidents take place in airports and aircraft worldwide. But who is responsible? That is the question that judicial authorities and victims then always ask.

Yet the aim is not that air traffic controllers, pilots or flight attendants go to work each day frightened of making a mistake. To ensure that this does not happen, the aviation sector introduced Just Culture. Unintentional errors and honest mistakes that simply are part of the job, remain in the hands of the competent safety agencies. Only errors due to unacceptable or irresponsible behaviour are brought before the courts. The EU among others has included Just Culture in all of its legislation.

Should the safety agencies and judicial authorities decide that one of your employees has indeed committed a crime, Flieger Law Office is here to help. (Inter) national aviation legislation holds no secrets for us. And if the aeronautical authorities persecute you as a passenger because you smoked, used drugs or did not follow the instructions of the crew …, then you’re in good hands with the specialists of Flieger Law Office.

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