Commercial & business law

Do business with confidence

As business owner, you cannot escape complex national and international regulations and laws. Nor the many risks that come with trade and business today.

More than ever, it comes down to knowing the law and making sound agreements with your partners. Ambiguities and missing clauses can be expensive. Protracted trade disputes could jeopardise your company’s future. So it is always good to talk to us.

Let Flieger Law Office draw up or optimise your terms and conditions, distribution agreements and other collaboration agreements. We advise you when concluding your agreements, tell you what the risks are, and help you reduce these to a minimum. So that you can do business with confidence.

If despite all of this, a dispute should arise, we put all of our knowledge and experience at your service to settle the matter in your favour. Explain your question or problem to us, and we’ll set up an appointment for a meeting.