European regulations

Pitfalls and obstacles in Europe

Doing business in Europe or planning to do so? Do you know the law? Are you sure you are in compliance with European law?

Seek timely advice and assistance from Flieger Law Office, because European regulations are extensive and complex. Thanks to our international network of specialised lawyers, we are ideally positioned to help small and large businesses in their cross-border activities.

Agreements, licenses, purchases, tenders, competition issues: We know European law and help you avoid the pitfalls and obstacles. At the same time, we point out the opportunities offered by European legislation, for example in the areas of liability and taxation.

In your disputes at European level, we deploy all of our knowledge and experience to assist and defend you. Our multilingual capability is a plus here.

Even if you are only active in Belgium, the chance is good that you will have to deal with European regulations, and need sound legal advice at some point.

Contact us, and we will help.